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Our range of dog kennels is huge. We sell dog kennels for large dogs, and dog kennels for small dogs. You've found the best range of dog kennels available on the web. Our range of rabbit hutches is huge, and includes some innovative and stylish rabbit hutch designs. Buy from the widest range of high quality rabbit hutches and solid, wooden dog kennels available in the UK here at www.bitsforpets.com. Our dog kennel and rabbit hutch designs will make sure your pet feels really snuggly and cosy.

As well as our wonderful range of products for rabbits and dogs we also stock a huge range of fish tanks and fish tank spares for all you fish keepers out there.

Our range of Guinea Pig Hutches and guinea pig toys is extensive and we are adding new ideas to our range of Guinea Pig accessories all the time. If you need advice about how to look after rabbits or other small animals then we can help. Take a look at our rabbit care information, or for your cavy try our guinea pig care information.

Dog Kennels, Dog Cages, Rabbit Hutches, Fish Tanks and UK Pet Products by Bits for pets.

Information about our products and services is all available on our website. If you are looking for a specific product and can not find it please contact us for more information.

Dog Kennels

Wooden Dog Kennels

Why do you need a dog kennel? The provision of a kennel ensures that your dog has a place where they can always feel warm, sheltered from the elements and secure. We all love our pets, but occasionally we need to keep our dog in the garden, or out of the house. If you have a visitor to your house that has a fear of dogs you normally have to run around locking the dog in another room. This causes your dog to become stressed and may result in lots of loud barking and a generally unpleasant situation for all involved. Deal with this type of situation head on and purchase one of our fabulous outdoor dog kennels. We have traditional wooden dog kennels with an apex/pitched roof and more modern dog kennels with a sloping roof and an internal partition for extra privacy and protection from the elements. Our wooden dog kennels come flat packed for easy home assembly and the roofs have an ultra-durable covering ensuring long lasting protection from wet weather. We also supply a kennel heater that is bite proof and has no electrical wires to keep your dog's kennel and bed nice and warm.

Are you thinking of building your own dog kennel? Do you want to know how to build a dog kennel? Sure, you can spend the best part of a couple of days looking around at some of the varied dog kennel designs and then go to your nearest timber merchant to source the appropriate materials. You'll probably spend in excess of £100 on the materials and then several days crafting your kennel until finally you have finished your masterpiece. You'll gaze proudly at your wonderful creation and you'll tell all your friends and neighbours the tale of your arduous journey. But in the back of your mind you'll compare it to our kennels and you'll probably think to yourself. Why did I bother? I could have spent five minutes ordering a kennel on the Bits for Pets website, fifteen minutes putting it together and the week I spent building my own kennel could have been spent relaxing on the beach or playing golf. There really is no need to torture yourself, simply click here to go straight to our dog kennel selection where you can find more information about our Dog Kennels and to view our range of dog products.
Shop bitsforpets.com for all your Dog Kennel needs in the UK.

Rabbit Hutches

Rabbit Hutches

Rabbits make wonderful pets and our luxury rabbit hutches make great homes. We even supply rabbit hutches with three floors, a triple decker rabbit hutch if you like. Whether you are buying a rabbit hutch for an English Lop or a fluffy Angora we have a premium quality rabbit hutch to suit your needs. It is important to provide as much room as possible for your rabbit so we are currently extending our range of Rabbit Hutches to include larger hutches with add on rabbit runs. We have also added a fabulous collapsible rabbit run to our range of high quality hutches. Our rabbit runs are made to the same very high standards as our rabbit hutches. There is enough room in our collapsible rabbit run to allow your child to sit in the run and play with their rabbit. We have hutches for two rabbits and a luxury modular rabbit hutch that can be stacked to house several rabbits, so you can now have a rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits or you can include another stack to give you a hutch for 3 rabbits. You can also add extra run space in any direction with our Luxury modular rabbit runs. We also have a great range of hutches suitable for Guinea Pigs. Although we sell cheap rabbit hutches, the quality is absolutely superb. You'll probably need a rabbit hutch heater for the colder winter months so please have a look at the snugglesafe heatpad. Please click here for more information about our Rabbit Hutches and to view our fabulous range.
Shop bitsforpets.com for all you Rabbit Hutch needs in the UK

Dog Cages

Dog Cages

Why do you need a dog cage? Dog cages are essential for safely transporting your dog. A dog cage can also help with training your pet or provide a safe place for your dog to be contained whilst recovering from illness or injury. Dog Cages or Dog Crates as they are also known are becomming more and more popular as people realise the extra convenience and safety benefits that they provide whilst transporting dogs. We supply a fantastic selection of high quality Dog Cages to fit almost every need. Whether you are looking for a dog cage for training, transporting, re-habilitation, flying or even for your cats we have got you covered. We supply only top quality dog cages and dog crates from leading manufacturers. So you are guaranteed to find the ideal sized dog crate to suit your dog. Please click here for more information about our Dog Cages and to view our range.
Shop bitsforpets.com for all your Dog Cage needs in the UK

Fish Tanks

Fish Tanks

Bits for Pets supply a huge range of Fish Tanks at heavily discounted prices. Our range includes a variety of Fish Tanks from all the leading manufacturers including: Reef-One, Rena, Aquatlantide and Clearseal. We also supply fish tank spares and other fish tank accessories. So if you need to update your filtration system, need a new light reflector or just want to add some decoration to your aquatic environment then we have everything you need. Please click here for more information about our Fish Tanks and to view our extensive range.
Shop bitsforpets.com for all your aquatic needs in the UK

Pet Accessories and Supplies

We aim to become your first port of call for Pet Supplies in the UK. It is our intention to build our Pet Supplies business with customer satisfaction and great value in mind. Bits for Pets are your number one for UK Pet Supplies. If you require a product that you cannot find on our site then please let us know and we'll do what we can to fill that gap.

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